Can Ayurvedic doctors perform surgeries?

 Can Ayurvedic doctors perform surgeries?

There arises a counter question that why not ? 

If a certain thing is invented by some leader, can you ever stop his dynasty from using that thing? 

Then why ayurveda? Who is the father of surgery?


Answer comes ACHARYA SUSRUT, the great ayurvedic philosopher! He first introduced surgery in the treatment path. He had already introduced instruments, procedures, techniques used in surgery much earlier. And the best part is it is followed even today but yes! No doubt with advancement in technologies there are certain amendments but the base is still the same! 

Infact we should raise a question that why for so long we were restricted to this practice, but we strongly believe that it is better late than never!

Much before your imagination, it was written in their books, so how come anyone underestimate ayurveda’s potential. Can you even imagine surgeries without such advanced instruments, technologies yet they were successfully doing surgeries at that time. Isn’t this amazing in its own.

Now talking something more logical then let’s go through CCIM (CENTRAL COUNCIL OF INDIAN MEDICINE) syllabus set for the students, it includes surgery and ENT for final proff students and yes with detailed description, and for post graduation in the same is available, then how can you steal their rights! Is it fair to do so?

I must clear the fact more transparently that these surgeries that have been mentioned in govt. notice is already a part of ayurveda course, though with little awareness and acceptance. But time has come when people know the real value of ayurveda and their actual potency is emerging out loudly 

Today is a time when everybody has forgotten their roots but one day for sure ayurveda would definitely get its recognition which it actually deserves. Mark the words! 

The notification regulated on nov 19 ,2020 allowed specific surgical procedures that a postgraduate medical student of ayurveda must be “practically trained to acquaint with ,as well as to independently perform.” 

Ayurveda curriculum includes not only susrut principles but also medico legal issues , surgical ethics , and informed consent. 

So anyone tell me where is the lack? What is the purpose of criticism? It is absolutely of no use!

Okay now! 

This is my straight question to my fellow allopathic colleagues: why do most allopathy practitioners prescribe ayurvedic drugs? 

Have they ever faced criticism regarding this? I guess never! Then why to criticize others 

What is the actual goal of a practitioner life, for me it is to serve people. Make them disease free! Either by ayurvedic or allopathic! 

So let’s be focused on the motive of our lives and go hand in hand to serve the best to our patients.

Because our differences would directly affect people and this would not leave a good message in our society.

So to all my white collar fellow workers, let’s join our hands and fulfill our responsibilities best out of it


Whether it is allopathic or ayurvedic, our patient should never be upset by our servings.

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  • Ayurveda doctors are equals @ can perform designated surgeries as per govt rules.

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