5 Amazing Tips for College students

 5 Amazing Tips for College students

College life is one of the most memorable times of one’s life !! The fact that when you got into your college it opens a new door for new world of yours and there are many adults in your world who will believe and support you to have what it takes to be a leader in your shared future. To achieve all your dreams, the very first step is to keep yourself healthy

useful fitness tips for college students


But maintaining a healthy lifestyle and sticking to a proper nutrition plan in college is somewhat challenging to all of us!!

Whether you are a day scholar or a hostler, eating healthy is the most difficult task for all of us as our tongue never supports us to do so!!

There are several ways to master the art of healthy eating and proper nutrition so that it’s not only easy to maintain a healthy weight, but also to stay focused and productive on those long days and nights of studying and attending those hectic lectures!!

I don’t have time to eat!!

When pressure of submitting our projects strikes our head and exams are ringing over our heads continuously then this line defines our eating habit!

Not only physically but mentally it is making us weak day by day!!

Time has come when we have to realize the need for fitness in our college days.

Remember better late than never!!

Tips for good physics

Tips & Remedies

Let’s discuss some tips which you all can follow in your college life to stay  healthy and be productive-

> Set your goal- Always plan your day and be focused in fulfilling your goal for the day

Always remember to set small goals in initial days.

Schedule your day from the morning and keep a separate time for workout.

Walk as much as possible and wherever possible.

> Diet plan -It could sound one of the most difficult tasks to follow as our cravings are high when we are not a good cook and smells some fried food cooking in one corner of the road. 

Most of the students depend on street food throughout their college life.

This habit results in lifestyle disorder and nothing less than that.

Shift your dependency and cravings towards a healthy plate.

Include a plate of salad, fruit chart, fruit juices shakes in your diet plan. Keep yourself hydrated to stay physically as well as mentally fit.

> Meditate – As a college student we become more independent and mental pressure increases on us. We are molded towards our path, so to be on the right path we have to focus on mental peace. Meditate on a daily basis and believe me it would help you a lot!!

> Sleep –Deadlines of projects and exam pressure snatches our sleep from us. Everyone needs a good sleep of minimum 6-8 hours a day. Fluctuation in this time leads to anxiety, temperament issues, mood swings and weakness in both our mind and body.

> Gadgets -Reduce your dependency on gadgets- time has come when students use their mobiles to utilize their free time and chill. They are not aware of the fact that how addicted they have become to these gadgets and how adversely it is affecting all of us.

“So to all my college going student friends, please be careful what you all are doing in your most productive phase of life”

What to eat for good physic

Think healthy to stay healthy !!

Thank you for your reading time.

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