Achilles Tendinitis

 Achilles Tendinitis

Before, knowing what is Achilles Tendinitis you should know what exactly the Achilles’ tendon is, it is the largest tendon of our body which connects your calf muscle to heel bone. It works when you run, jump, climb stairs and stand on your toes.
Tendinitis as we all know is the inflammation of the tendon, therefore Achilles Tendinitis is inflammation of the tendon of Achilles.

What are the causes?
It is mainly caused because of the repetitive and excessive strain on your tendon.It might become irritated or inflamed due to-
-Tight calf muscle
-Extra bone growth i.e Bone spurs – having a bone spur where the tendon attaches to the heel bone.
-Increase in intensity of exercise you are performing daily will creates more stresses over the tendon and leads to inflammation of the tendon.
Risk Factors!
Age- your increasing age would leads to degeneration to your tendon and can cause you tendinitis.
Gender- In men, it is more common
Medical Issues- If you are suffering from psoriasis or high blood pressure, then you are at high risk of developing this condition.
Training Errors- sudden increase in your exercise activities and no prior warm up before exercising will leads to have you this.
Foot Problems – if you have flat foot , then you are more prone to develop Achilles tendinitis.
What are the symptoms?
The most common presentation you have is Pain! Pain in the back of the leg above your heel which increases after running, stair climbing, or any other activity which includes running.
Swelling around your tendon
Tenderness and Morning stiffness
How to diagnose ?
The examiner look for the following signs-
1.Decrease ROM of ankle joint.
2.Pain and tenderness at back of leg(Achilles tendon)
4.Thickening of the Achilles’ tendon

How to treat?
-Ice- use ice on most painful area of the tendon. Gently rub the ice on the back of the leg to reduce pain.

-Rest-you have to stop the activities which puts excess strain on your tendon. Switch your high intense exercise to low impact.
-Stretching-As mentioned above that tight calf muscle leads to Achilles tendinitis, so you have to do regular calf stretching for 15-20 minutes.
-Strengthening Exercises for Calf muscles- Regular strengthening of calf will enable you to bear intense stress during exercise on Achilles’ tendon.
The most important to know is Prevention!
*Exercise daily
*Stretch your calf regularly
*Choose shoes which have adequate arches and cushioned heel
*Avoid intense exercises

If you had already try this and won’t have any relief, then consult to nearby doctor or if having any query regarding your condition then, consult us without any charges.

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