All you must need to know about COVID 19!

 All you must need to know about COVID 19!

I’m taking you in flashback for a while…”everyone was enjoying the 2020 New Year vibes and a global emergency news suddenly spread all over the world that a deadly virus knocking at your door!!!”

Its true we didn’t take it seriously till the government announced complete lockdown due to pandemic.

There was a sudden full stop in everyone’s life for several months.    

Who imagined that we would be living with this new normal! 

What is covid? 

Covid stands for coronavirus disease that came into view in the year 2019, hence covid 19. It was noticed and originated from China.

It is named after causative agent of coronavirus. 

Signs and symptoms of Covid-


  • Fever 
  • Dry cough 
  • Breathing problem 
  • Body ache 
  • Rashes 
  • Loss of taste and smell 
  • Tiredness 
  • Weakness

These symptoms generally occur after 4-5 days of infection but sometimes patient can also be asymptomatic if one has a strong immune system. 

Immunity plays a crucial role, if it is strong enough to fight against diseases then no medication is required. But the harsh truth is that the most of us have extremely weak immune systems.

Then how can one improve their immunity? 

Ayurveda has substantial answer for your question. 



  • Wear a mask and maintain social distance
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Follow daily regimen strictly 
  • Consume warm water instead of cold water moreover you can add tulsi and give it a boil and drink it multiple times in whole day
  • For a healthy throat you can have herbal tea, its not tough you can prepare it simply by adding home spices like dalchini, tulsi, ginger, and black pepper. 


There is no specific treatment for covid. If one has a strong immune system then symptoms vanish after 14-21 days of infection. 

Research for covid vaccine and medicine is still on race, only symptomatic treatment is being provided throughout the globe. 

Ayurveda has successfully treated the patients with pure ayurvedic treatment. Vaccines are under trial and hopefully we will get it soon! 



RT –PCR testing is adopted to find out the outbreak in the body. It amplifies the sample millions time and make the reading accordingly. Generally labs takes 4-8 hours to give out the results of the tests done. 

Who should get tested? 

  • If you have came in contact with a covid positive patient.
  • If you have returned from baldy affected country by this disease.
  • If you have noticed symptoms in your body and they are not fading away with general medicines.

What to do if tested positive?

  • First and foremost, you should know that its mortality rate is not that much high. People are recovering with this at a very high rate.
  • So take a deep breath and stay positive as positivity is the first medicine which cures every disease.
  • Consume citrus fruits as they are healthy for respiratory system. 
  • Do surya namaskar, anulom vilom, kapalbhati, and other pranayam. 
  • Follow guidelines of Ayush Protocol for covid19 by Ayush Ministry. 

Why is it difficult to develop vaccines?


Generally scientists face more difficulty in developing viral medicine, I know you are wondering WHY!

Virus is merely a genetic body without cellular structure which depends and search for a host body to live and multiply. 

When a virus found a human cell as host, if we want to kill it first we have to attack our own machinery. 

This is the challenge for the researchers. So till the vaccine comes into action, we all have to boost our immunity. Only recognition of vaccines is not important but its approach to each and every citizen is also a big issue. 

So be safe! Follow Ayurveda!


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THANKYOU for your reading time.

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