All you need to know about whey!!!

 All you need to know about whey!!!

Whey Protein  

Whey protein is one of the most common supplement which is recommended by all the gym and diet experts all over the world. In fact, whey protein is one of the highest-selling supplement in the world. Whey is extensively used in many diet foods that you have been taking for years. 

History of whey protein –

From the ancient time when we have started domesticating animals, we have been using the products in which milk is one of the primary ingredient. Milk is one of the product which have been used by humans for decades due to its high nutritional value which is beneficial for every group age from newborn baby to adults. However, for a very long period of time milk’s by-product whey hasn’t recognized by its health benefits, due to which it was generally dumped or used in the animal feed. The earliest possible use of whey was started by Greeks for immune system benefits, rate of power, and muscle strength. Thereafter in the 16th-century whey again came into use by Switzerland’s farmer from where it got recognized as a health tonic or serum for our body. 

How whey protein is made –

All the whey which is commercially available in the market is cow’s milk however there are other animals & from their milk whey can be extracted. Whey is basically the by-product of cheese or curd making

So to make whey, first milk is pasteurized at around 40-degree Celsius, and then after an enzyme called rennet is added to the milk which makes curd and whey liquid. Then after whey liquid and curd are separated to make whey protein, cheese and

casein powder. whey liquid is further filtered to obtain concentrated whey protein and it is more further filtered for obtaining whey and then it is isolated and so on. 

Health benefits of whey protein –

So whey protein is a complete and one of the best source of protein, the reason behind is that it has complete amino acid which means all the essential amino acids and branch chain amino acid are there in very high amount. Besides this whey protein consist of different active compounds that are very beneficial to our health for eg. immune-enhancing properties, antioxidant properties, antitumor properties, anti-bacterial properties etc. So apart from adults, anyone can take whey protein. Muscle building is just one benefit of whey protein from which we are aware of. In fact, research has shown that infant babies consume almost 3gm of lactoferrin through breast milk which he is consuming again found in pure whey protein formula, so for those who can’t breastfeed their child for some reason then the second-best form will be the whey protein milk for them. 

Whey protein uses –

Apart from human supplements whey protein also has different industrial usages like bakery products, meat industry, fruits beverages, infant formulas etc.

 So those who have set there mind towards that whey protein is not natural and is injurious to health, you have to think again because the biscuit you might be eating may have whey in it. 

So, whey protein powder can be the greatest source of protein that you can have in your daily life as a part of your diet and also recommend it your elders for its amazing health benefits.

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