Ankle Sprain

 Ankle Sprain

Ankle Sprain is tearing or overstretching of the ligaments that surrounds your ankle joint. It is majorly caused because of rolling and twisting of the ankle. It is one of the most common musculoskeletal injury, that can be occur in all age groups.

Ankle Sprain could be of three grades-
Grade 1- Mild ( Stretching of ligament)
Grade 2- Moderate (Partial tear of ligaments)

Grade 3- Severe (complete tearing of ligaments)

Causes of sprained ankle might include-

A Fall that causes twisting of the ankle
Walking on uneven surfaces
Another person landing or stepping on your foot
Direct trauma to the ankle
Risk Factors to be kept in mind!
Improper Footwear- wearing of shoes that didn’t fit you well and high-heeled shoes makes your ankle more vulnerable to injury.
Uneven Surface- Walking and running on uneven surfaces will lead to an ankle sprain.
Sports- Athletes who involved in sports activities which requires jumping and rolling and twisting of the ankle like basketball, tennis, football, volleyball.
Prior Ankle Injury-If you are having an ankle injury in past, then you are more likely to have an ankle sprain.
If your ankle is sprained then, you might have following symptoms-
Pain, during weight bearing
Popping sound you heard at the time of injury
Swelling and bruising
Redness and warmth around ankle
Restricted movements of the ankle joint
Instability in the ankle
How to diagnose an ankle sprain?
Swelling and loss of motion are two major signs that you could be having an ankle sprain along with pain while walking. There are some special tests which assists in diagnosing ankle sprain i.e.
Anterior Drawer Test
Posterior Drawer Test
Talar Tilt Test
Treatment Plans
To subside the symptoms follow RICE-

Rest- it will prevent further injury and supports healing.
Ice -It would be helpful to reduce swelling, redness and warmth. Cold therapy would also reduce inflammation.
Compression- Crape bandage is used for compression so as to reduce your swelling.
Elevation-keep your leg elevated.

This RICE regimen will surely help you out in managing your sprained ankle. If you have severe ankle sprain then consult your nearby doctor and you can also consult us, we are having free consultations for you!

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