Best 3 Moves To Get Rid Of Backaches!

 Best 3 Moves To Get Rid Of Backaches!

Have you ever had a backache…? 

If yes, you must be knowing how miserable it can be. With every movement somehow your body engages your back, so if your back hurts that shows your muscular health — which is not all good!

You have to improve your back muscles strength that can prevent various injuries specifically mechanical disorders and eventually your body will work smoothly.

The back muscle is one of the largest muscle group combined of many small and large muscles, includes trapezius, rhomboid major, rhomboid minor, and latissimus dorsi. 

3 Best Back Exercises 

  1. Deadlifts – 

Deadlift is a compound movement that almost engages all of your back muscles. Along with the back, it also hit your glutes. You can opt for any type of deadlift, whether it’s a convention deadlift, sumo deadlift, or a trap bar deadlift. It also strengthens your core and burns a lot more fat. 

  1. Lat pull-down – 

Lat pull down is another great exercise that primarily targets your lats. Those who are strong enough can also do a pull-up exercise. 

But there is one question that always arises: what grip should we use, should it be with a supinated arm or pronated arm, or neutral grip. We always recommend having a pronated or neutral grip rather than a supination which involves more of your bicep muscles.

  1. Seated rowing – 

Seated rowing involves your lats and some of your lower back, but the important point is that you have to do it with the correct form as lots of people in the gym just put the whole plates and swing it like they are riding some kind of boat. So the tip is to get stable first, make your core tight and do it with proper technique. 


3 Mistakes During Back Strengthening 

  1. Hyperextension – 

Most of the people in the gym do lots of swing on the hyperextension. They think that it will help them to get the “lower back Christmas tree” that they want but it’s wrong. Hyperextension doesn’t give you that kind of lower back, proper diet will help you in that and as we suggested you earlier, deadlift and rowing also train your lower back. As most of you are doing it in an improper way which can injure your lower back. 

  1. Shrugs – 

Anyone in the gym whether they are a newbie or not, they go seriously heavy on shrugs and that’s where ego lifting comes in. While doing shrugs you all stack up all the plates in the rod and start doing ego lifting which gives negative results that’s why we always suggest you to focus on time under tension and leave ego lifting at the doors.


  1. Face-pull, Bent over lateral raises – 

Most of the people in the gym do these exercises cause it targets the rear delt. But you’ll be surprised to know that your rear delt is not a part of your back, it is on your shoulder so do these exercises on your shoulder day. 

So, these are the top 3 best exercises and mistakes for back which you all usually do. Do your workout properly and with correct techniques.


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