Want to be Healthy without compromising with the schedule?

 Want to be Healthy without compromising with the schedule?

Health is the most important factor for everyone‘s life but you cannot neglect the fact that today the time has come where everyone is running in the race to move ahead. we all are busy in competition that we even forget the fact that health is the first and foremost important factor


It’s fair enough to be a part of the competition but if your health is not good enough then how would you be running in that race!

Are you curiously seeking for a healthy lifestyle in today’s feverish culture?

And how would you react if I say, that you can be healthy with some tips that would fit in your schedule itself!! Ofcourse you all are eager to know those tips!


So yes you are at right platform. We will be discussing some tips that would contribute to your health and yes, adjust in your timetable itself.

Yes you are reading it right! you need not to take extra time out for your health!

  • So health starts from mental peace, for mental peace you need to meditate ,meditation doesn’t means that you have to sit in a closed door room. You only need a seat whether in metro, cab or wherever you are travelling. If in a noisy surrounding then plug in your earplugs and take advantage of youtube meditation songs!
  • Always keep in mind that you need to drink water in a regular interval of time. Body should always be hydrated as dehydration leads to lethargy and your endurance becomes low.
  • Instead of wafers and junks which becomes a habit of almost everyone of us while working ,switch them to a plate of salads or sprouts.
  • Manage your breakfast timing before 9a.m. and dinner before 7p.m.
  • Whenever in the middle you get free time try to do some stretching exercise.
  • Whenever in stress scroll your gallery and cherish your good memories or just take a break and play a song and dance like never. Believe me ,it really works.
  • In breakfast have a heaviest meal of your day. In lunch have a thali with chapatti pulse rice and one vegetable. In dinner have a light meal. Cut off extra fat and sugar from your diet.
  • Surround yourself with knowledgable and sensible company.
  • Never compromise with your personal hygiene.
  • Instead of coffee or tea consume fruit juice or lemonade.
  • Wear comfortable outfit. Always wear a outfit that fits you, never fit yourself in  outfit that is uncomfortable for you!

  • So concluding with the most crucial tip that we should always start our day with a positive thought and focus on positivity throughout our day and in the end of the day too our thought process should conclude with positivity only. As we know that each one of us have ups and downs in our lives and it depends on us that to which we give importance!
  • Positivity leads to healthy lifestyle and negativity automatically degrades our health in every aspect.

Stay positive and be healthy!

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  • Amazing work dr.Riya ♥️….This is such a very helpful information for all of us and helps to change our lifestyle with a great zeal and enthusiasm 💪

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