Personal Details
Doctor NameAnupama Sharma
Practice AreasAyurveda
AreaPunjab, Ludhiana & Delhi
Personal Details
Doctor NameAnupama Sharma
Practice AreasAyurveda
FounderDoorStep Remedies
Education & Training
Medical Education
Practice Areas

About Doctor Anupama Sharma

BAMS, MD (Ayurveda), PhD (Ayurveda) Scholar Cert on Diet, Nutrition and Immunity through Ayurveda, NIA Jaipur
Chief Ayurvedic Consultant & Panchkarma Specialist
Samriddhi Ayurvedic & Panchkarma Clinic

Dr. Anupama Sharma belongs to the new generation of Ayurveda professionals with strong emphasis on blending the principles of Ayurveda into modern lifestyle and has founded a new treatment module involving Vedic diet, lifestyle modifications, essential ayurvedic medicine, yoga and psychotherapy.
She is a renowned ayurvedic scholar and has represented Ayurveda at various National and International Podiums. She regularly holds various lifestyle modification and orientation talks with professionals, students and faculty members.

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