Boom in ayurveda!

 Boom in ayurveda!

Everyone suddenly started whispering some new words in this pandemic festival which we all are unfortunately celebrating. Covid have made all of us learn several new things.

Many new words have added to our personal dictionary such as Covid 19, quarantine, home isolation, immunoboosters,N95 and one such term that has made its secure place in everyone’s lives is AYURVEDA.

Sudden boom of ayurveda is being observed by every one of us!


But you know why?

So let’s discuss the main reasons behind this positive bang of ayurveda in our lives!

As we all are aware of the fact that ayurveda is the most ancient pathy recognized for treatment but due to western medicine culture it got hibernated. But its awakening is surely an eye opener to all of us and as quoted that Better late than never!

Everyone is now moving towards their root and sincerely following their principles as they have realized the truth.

What made them to realize this-?

No. 1-Least side effects

It would be wrong if we state that ayurveda has zero side effects and several petitions would be signed for this statement for sure!

But yes we can state that ayurveda have comparatively least no. of side effects than other respected pathies.

We all have experienced this in our lives.

And talking about the benefits then words would obviously become finite to count its incredibility!

No.2 – Home made preparations

In covid times when everything was locked down and we were even restricted to go outside then only home care worked for us.

Ayurveda provide a platform to make several home made preparations to cure mild to moderate diseases and boost immunity.

It becomes accessible to all of us to adopt it.

No.3 – Awareness in people

Now a days we all are becoming aware of the current situations and we all are mature enough to choose the right among all.

Awareness among people about the fact that ayurveda has the potential of curability have made everyone know its strength.

Several bodies are running various programmes to make ayurveda shine brighter and patanjali has made a clear way for ayurveda to shine brighter.

No.3 – Root cause treatment

Where other pathies provide symptomatic treatment, ayurveda provide root cause treatment.

Other respected practitioners cure what happened, on the other hand ayurvedic practitioners cures what as well as why it happened?

When this why is treated then disease automatically vanishes.

No.4 – More scientific approach

In ancient times nothing need to be proved as everyone believed in the writings but today time has come where everything need to be proved before application.

Due to this lag ayurveda was left somewhere behind.

But ayurveda has now entered in the field with full devising and evidently proving its fact to the world.

In covid times we are reading as well as experiencing about ayurveda that several preparations are effective, kadhas are also being introduced during this time. Sudden inclination has been experienced towards ayurveda.

Everybody is consuming one or other preparation that is ayurvedic based whether it be soap, shampoo, oil, baby products, or any medicinal formulation.

This is a drastic change in itself

Now when ayurveda has decided to climb the height then it is appropriately said  

Sky is the limit!


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