Boost your immunity with ayurveda!!

 Boost your immunity with ayurveda!!

Before jumping further, first we need to understand what RASAYANA really means!

Rasayana is the therapy with a path of essence, ‘rasa dhatu’ (first dhatu just after digestion of ahar and it nourishes rest of the dhatu).
It’s a phenomenal therapy that rejuvenates the body as a whole. We all should adopt this alluring therapy in our day to day life.

Now there must be some sensible basis, why one should strictly valiate to adopt them!
So coming straight on the significance of rasayana, lets make the count-
1) It acts as a immunomodulator.

2) Boosts immune system.

3) Maintain homeostasis.

4)  It maintain health of a person and help a individual to remain disease free.

5) Slows down the process of ageing.

6) Medhya rasayana has a broad spectrum benefits mainly helps to sharpen the mind and promotes mental stability.

7) Enhances complexion, charm, and quality of voice.

8) Strengthens body and senses.


1) Kutipraveshik –consumption of rasayana in isolation, under strict provision of medical staff.
2) Vatatapik – consumption of rasayana while performing daily regimen.

Now the most awaited answer which you must be eager to know, what are those rasayana and how do we gonna consume them!
In ayurveda, amla (emblica officinalis) and haritaki (terminalia chebula) are elixir to ayurvedic doctors.

Consumption of both individually or with milk act as rasayana and benefits in several ways to your body.

Next magical rasayana which everyone must be familiar with is CHAWANPRASH.

Yes!!! but did you ever wondered, what is the right way of consuming it?

Chawanprash should always consumed during breakfast.

It is never advised to take at night. It acts at its maximum when taken in morning with warm milk for positive outcomes.

No wonder it benefits for every age group from a young child to old-timer. It helps to enhance concentration, sharpness of mind and memory, prevent fast ageing process and cherish the body as a whole.

Next widely used rasayana is MUNAKKA! Everyone is familiar with munakka.

I’ll advice you all to soak 10 munakkas overnight and consume them daily in the morning empty stomach.

You’ll be surprised by the results if you make it a habit.

Now GUDUCHI (giloy), so far who have not heard this name for a single time in covid!

Fortunately everyone of us. Better late than never!

But it is in its role since long time. Not only for covid but for maintaining one’s health it has a great role to play.

Some other commonly advised immunoboosters in ayurveda are-

  • Mandukparni (centella asiatica) with milk.
  • Mulethi( licorice) with milk.
  • Shankhpushpi (convolvulus pluricaulis ) with milk.
  • Shatavari (asparagus racemosus ) with milk.

These four simple preparations can be consumed everyday to experience their magical benefits. They have amazing results to make your mind sharp, enhance your memory, promotes mental stability and peace of mind.

Additional- Pippali (piper longum) can be consumed alone in a specific manner: Starting from 10 pipers and increasing 10 per day for 10 days untill it reaches 100 and then decreasing in the same manner for next 10 days. This can be consumed with milk.

I hope this would help you to remain healthy! Which I strongly believe will!


Are you consuming any of these? Let me know in the comment section below.

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THANKYOU for your reading time.

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