care for your lips!!

 care for your lips!!

Lip care

Have you ever thought of caring for one of the delicate part of your face that enhances your looks!! 


I guess most of us have not ever given it a thought!1

But Dear reader’s lips need the most care and attention as they are badly affected by the outer stimulus!

The lip skin is not hairy and does not have sweat glands. Therefore, it does not have the usual protection layer of sweat and body oils which keep the skin smooth, inhibit pathogens, and regulate warmth. For these reasons, the lips dry out faster and become chapped more easily.

The skin on our lips is much thinner than the skin on the other parts of our body. This makes it easier for them to crack and chap and makes it much more important for us to take extra care of.

Not only winters are troubling for our lips but dry air, sun and humidity contributes equally.

Common lip problems that we often face-

  1. Chapping:
  • Chapping can occur almost in any season.
  • To prevent and treat, apply a good lip balm daily.
  • Do it in such a way that it slightly overlaps the edges of the lips.
  • Look for a balm which provides sun protection and has elements like Vitamins A, C or E. as these vitamins are healthy for your lip skin
  1. Splitting:
  • Cracks often occur after sleeping in dry air.
  • To prevent this, be sure to apply a good lip balm before going to bed
  • Also try and use a humidifier as it will help retain the moisture in the air.
  1. Lipstick Bleeding:
  • This begins as the skin around the mouth loses collagen and elastic tissue with age, or is aggravated by smoking.
  • Using a waxy lip liner to outline lips will help contain your lipstick within the line.
  • Or you could always not smoke and give up on that!
  1. Cold Sores:
  • Caused by viral infections, these look like blisters or open scabs.
  • To avoid re-infection, use cotton swabs to apply lipstick while sore is visible.

Care for your lips

When it comes to lip care, you should firmly believe in the saying ‘prevention is better than cure!’ It is always possible to restore the health of your lips. But it takes time for the results to be visible

Let’s have a look on some tips that would help your lips for sure to regain its softness again

Tip 1) Always remove makeup before going to bed. So pores are free to breath and regain its freshness.

Tip 2) Never rub your lips harshly. Never peel off your lips skin with teeth as it becomes habit of most of us.

Tip 3) keep your lips hydrated with lip balms or you can apply ghee also.

Tip 4) Massage your lips for at least 5 mins. Massaging improves blood circulation and make them healthy.

Tip 5) When stepping out, apply lips sticks. Yes it’s good news that girls should apply lipsticks, as it creates an extra layer which laminates and protect from sun, wind and dirt.

So with these I would conclude this!

And yes do follow these tips in your daily routine and have your smooth shiny lips at your door steps!!

Thanks for your concerned reading time!!

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