Fat Loss: Points to Remember!

 Fat Loss: Points to Remember!

                                  Common Fat Loss Mistakes…  

Whenever we think about losing fat we always aim to lose those extra fats stored in belly, thighs, arms etc. But the reality is we don’t know the effective approach to get to our desired physique. To know more in detail we approach gym trainers or research it and start following a diet. Today we will discuss the most common mistakes that people make during following a fat loss diet routine. 

Creating high calorie deficit –

Most of the time when it comes to fat loss, mostly we start with keeping ourselves starve by skipping meals or eating very less. Thinking that we can achieve our desired physique, but the results are that after some time you see eating a large size burger cause Ghrelin (which is a hunger hormone) keeps pushing you to meet your satiety levels.

The proper way to create a calorie diet is to create a small calorie deficit and increase it week by week. 

For eg. Week 1 create a calorie deficit of 250 cal. 

Week 2 increases it by 100 cal which becomes 350 and so on. 

As a fitness expert, I will not recommend you to go beyond 1000 calorie deficit. 

Eating too many healthy foods –

While being on a fat loss diet we think that if we are eating healthy, without noticing with a constant thought that it will help to lose unhealthy food habits. But you are wrong!! As healthy foods also contains calories in them and if you eat lots of healthy food, your body calorie will be in surplus and you will end up not losing fat. Therefore, you have to aware of your food choice you are eating and how many calories it carries, just to insure that you are in a calorie deficit state and losing those extra fats.

Depending too much on supplements –

As we start our fat loss journey we get surrounded by different fat loss methods available online, on social media or from trainers like about fat burning tea, fat burning cream, magical fat-burning methods etc. Along with these methods there are various fat burners and fat burning equipment also available. Most of the time you use them with the recommendations of non certified trainers or from social media.

But the truth is that the only thing which works for you is your diet and your exercise. Besides this, all these fat burners and other things are just marketing strategies that are planned to pull out your money.

Remember, if you want to lose fat, create a calorie deficit in your diet and increase your physical activity and stick to it for sometime.


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