Common Myths!!!

 Common Myths!!!

The supplement industry is one of the fastest-growing industries nowadays. As we are moving towards fitness we are recommended for various supplements by trainers, nutritionists, wellness experts depending on our goals, but most of the time you are left misguided. Today we are going to burst the top 5 myths related to supplements.


Supplements are only for the gym-freaks:

The most common misconception among people is that supplements are only meant for the gym freaks and for individuals who don’t engage themselves in any workout, it is of no use. Although, it’s totally wrong! as we grow older our body can’t absorb all the nutrition from our regular diet, everyone of us need to take supplements which will help to complete our daily nutritional requirements. 

Fat- burners really burn fat:

Fat burners are the most hyped supplement by the manufacturing companies and trainers, as the name suggests FAT-BURNER will burn fat, but the fact is that all this is crap. Nothing will burn your fat unless you work for it. The truth is that most fat burners actually contains substances that stimulates your metabolic process and therefore increases the release of fat. There is no such pill or capsule which will burn your fat only proper diet and exercise will work. 

Protein is a crosscut to big muscles

Women sometimes seem to be afraid that they could gain some kind of male muscular physique by regularly having protein shakes in their diet. But scientifically, first and foremost it requires the male hormone testosterone and women simply do not produce the sufficient amount to get anywhere near that. Men also have a myth, they will put on a considerable amount of extra muscle mass as a direct result of excessive amounts of protein powder, which is again a stupidity. To gain muscle you definitely need to work out, not just by eating a lot of protein powder.

Whey Protein can damage your kidneys:

It’s a highly believed myth that whey protein is dangerous for kidneys. If you are not suffering from any kidney-related issues you can easily take whey protein powder, because it is 100% natural and does not cause any side effects to your body.

Dietary supplements are expensive:

You will agree that we always get what we pay for. With increased quality the price tag also increases, but the most common supplements like protein and amino acids are actually often a cheaper alternative to real food. You should keep in mind that they should not replace a balanced and protein rich diet, but you can add it as a recovery drink or snack in any form. It is clearly an affordable alternative and a good investment in your physique and overall wellness

We have hopefully managed to clarify these five myths. Before avoiding any products simply on the basis of the fact that they are supplements, or before putting all of your hopes in one product, you should spend a few minutes in your own research. 


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