Dieticians are qualified professionals with the skills to provide expert nutritional and dietary advice according to individuals’ health conditions or needs. They translate the latest scientific information into practical advice about diet.


Dieticians provide food and nutritional information, and support individuals to improve their health. Diet plays a major key role in physical health along with physical activity. They provide advice on nutritions and diet modifications. Nutritionists design the “Food Pyramid” guide to translate the recommendations into a food plan for daily living. Dietitians can also modify diets to help manage and recover from chronic conditions such as:


We all agree that proper nutrition is necessary in helping us feel our best and reach our optimal health, but it’s hard to find time to take proper diet on a daily basis in this fast-paced, opulent society. Though our life may be hectic but there are still many healthy choices with good tasting which can help to lose weight and improve overall health. By taking charge of diet, one can boost their health while reducing the risk of “lifestyle” diseases such as heart disease, obesity or cancer.