Personal Details
Name Adharika Agrawal
Primary Specialty Physiotherapist

About Adharika Agrawal

Adharika Agrawal is an undergrad, pursuing her bachelor’s in Physiotherapy from Government Physiotherapy College, Raipur. 
She is an enthusiast in the field of healthcare and knows her work with deep knowledge. She has keen interest to make people aware of the healthy lifestyle and how they can overcome with certain conditions if they come across them.

She has good knowledge of gynecological conditions and orthopedics disorders like prenatal exercises, postnatal exercises, arthritis, and mechanical spine disorders. She has given very positive results in each of her cases. She has participated in various sports events held by her college. She is passionate to explore her knowledge among the people and to make people aware of the role of Physiotherapy. She is obsessed with being the best and integrity. She tries to fulfill the expectations of students and patients.

She is dedicated and very hardworking Physio and helps people learn and educate them the importance of healthy lifestyle.

Doctors Achievements

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