Dr. Raksha completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Banarsidas Institute of Physiotherapy, New Delhi. It is due to her immense interest in the medical field that she is pursuing specialization in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy programme and diploma in nutrition & health education. She is well trained in surgical rehabilitation programmes, non-invasive treatment procedures, biomechanical assessments, pain management, sports injuries, health related issues, arthritis and spondylitis. In the Fitness Industry, she has received plenty of appreciation for guiding society to lead a healthy lifestyle with the help of numerous exercises & suitable nutrition. She not only executes her duties efficiently and with grace but has also taken steps to educate people about their health and insidious illnesses and to recognise the alarming signs shown by the body to prevent stepping into long term ailments. She always encourages and promotes little modifications here and there in your daily routine to lead a healthy lifestyle.