Does Acne Bother You?

 Does Acne Bother You?

Acne is the most common problem faced by almost every teenagers and young adults and affecting nearly 85% of teens, though it affect people of all ages. Acne also known as “Acne Vulgaris” is a skin condition occur because of changes in your Pilosebacious unit which consist of hair follicle and oil gland. It develops due to blockage in the hair follicle. Acne usually appears on your face, chest and back area.

What are the causes?
There are number of causes due to which acne occurs-
1. Hormonal activity such as menstrual cycle and puberty. During puberty, there is increase in female sex hormones due to which there is increase in sebum production and leads to acne.
2. Inflammation- Skin Irritation or scratching of any skin tissue will activate inflammation.
3. Stress- It is believed that increase output of hormones from adrenal gland during the stress period may activate acne formation.
4. Hyperactive Sebaceous Gland- due to which there is more sebum production which causes acne formation.
5. Accumulation of dead skin cells, that block or cover the pores.
6. Bacteria in the pores- Presence of “Propioni Bacterium Acnes” that causes acne
7. Exposure to chemicals compounds and some drugs
8. Diet-increased intake of oily and sugary foods like chocolates, soft drinks, sweets, white bread that produces overload in blood glucose and thereby leads to acne formation.
9. Deficiency of Vitamin-A and E
10. Unhygienic Conditions
11. Oral Contraceptive Pills
12. Pregnancy
What are the Symptoms?
• Black Heads (Open Plugged Pores)
• White Heads (Closed Plugged Pores)
• Small, Red Bumps i.e. Papule
• Pimples ( Pustules) with pus
• Painful Lumps under skin ( Nodules)
• Painful Lumps with Pus (Cyst)

These symptoms are usually present on your face, chest Upper back and shoulders.
How to Treat?
We have to-
-Reduce Inflammation
-Stop Bacterial Growth
-Reduce or Stop Scarring
Medications- Topical Antibiotics and Bactericidal Drugs are used to stop bacterial growth.
Oral and Topical Retinoids are also be used with hormonal therapy.
Physical Therapy treatment by-
Laser Therapy- used for pain relief and inflammation. It burns away the follicle sac from which hair grow and kills the bacteria which causes acne. It can be used for scar treatment also.
Precautions To be kept in mind!!
– Avoid cream base soaps
– Always use sunscreens while going outside
– Wash your face 2-3 times a day with a gentle cleanser
– Avoid friction or pressure on your skin, by avoiding contact with things such as phones, helmets, or backpacks
– Avoid touching or pricking your acne prone area again and again

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