Struggling with Weight???

 Struggling with Weight???

Do you love to take a glimpse of yours before stepping out?

I know, we all do!

Consciousness isn’t just the mind. Even your body shape can make you conscious, then it’s time to gear up your mind for what routine you should follow.

We all need to understand that each of us has a unique physique and body structures. Every individual is different with different rates of metabolic processes. Don’t measure yourself by what others are doing and their results. You need to understand, focus on a healthy lifestyle and weight loss will be the bi-product of it.

Losing weight is not at all easy, it’s a balance of various aspects towards a healthy life.

Now the question I’m having is how many times have you planned a strategy of leading a healthy lifestyle to lose your weight..!

And how many times have you made countless promises to yourself, this time “I’m damn serious..”!

For all times how many times have you stuck to your plans for about hardly a week and then rewarded your foodgasm with pleasing delicacies and found yourself “I can’t hack it…”!

The principle of weight loss is to reduce the number of calories you consume and raise the energy expenditure by burning your calories through physical activity. You may be amazed to know that you may require to burn about 7000 calories to lose 1 kg of weight. This can be accomplished either by cutting your calories through food consumption or by increasing physical workout, or by doing both.

Weight of our body is simply a result of the relation between energy consumption in the form of food we eat and the expenditure through the activities we perform.

From the past few decades, one of the major causes of rising weight is your sedentary behavior. As most of you work in a corporate community, spending long hours of a day sitting down at your desks and furthermore the increasing bottleneck traffics while commuting to work adds to it. Unknowingly, but deep down inside you’re getting a victim of a very serious problem of sedentary lifestyle. Generally it goes unnoticed, or if we hardly notice we accept it as a typical conventional part of our routine. Spending long hours with little energy expenditure can be termed as sedentary behavior.

Modernization is a boon for several sectors in terms of advancement but has led the way with sedentary behavior, making it more prevailing in the corporate world. When you fail to interpret your actions and continue with sluggish behavior, it draws a misproportion of your energy relation.

To combat all these problems, you have to take a step forward to add few healthy changes in your lifestyle and stick to it. The keys we will provide you, one is an exercise regime and the other is a healthy diet. Team members of Doorstep Remedies include various healthcare professionals who inspire to spread awareness and promote wellness in the community.

We are providing you tested and assured methods to achieve your weight loss goals. These methods will include; 

  • ayurvedic remedies which will help you to boost your immunity and cure associated health issues, 
  • a balanced and nutritious diet to follow, 
  • conditioning and fat burning workout regime by physical therapists and fitness experts and 
  • some important yoga postures to keep your mind and body in balance.

Pull up your socks!

We have to dig more into easy regime plans for you at your doorstep that will transform your body and health.


We are offering FREE CONSULTATION to our readers, if needed.

THANKYOU for your reading time.



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