Vision Board of Fitness!!!

 Vision Board of Fitness!!!

If you’ll follow our 6 weeks regime for diet and fitness you will surely get the desired results. Cutting down the calories, eliminating entire food groups or depriving yourself of foods are not strategies for long-term success. You can  change destructive eating habits and break the diet mentality for your own good. We have some strategies that will help your approach towards weight management with a more positive and productive mindset.

Focus Beyond Measuring Your Scale

Set your sites on a particular number of the scale that means measure success in more meaningful ways. Like- you can focus to lose a clothing size or you can measure your losses in inches around your heavy mass areas for example- hips, waist, thighs, and arms. If you lose even 5-10% of your total bodyweight that can also have a beneficial impact on reducing the risk of flourishing many chronic illnesses and will definitely provide a sense of motivation to you.

Count Your Calories & Track Your Intake

Simply put, calories count on a daily basis. Keep in mind! to lose weight you have to use up more calories than you take in, don’t go lower than 1,200 calories a day though!. You can start tracking your daily intake, it’s an effective tool for evaluating your eating habits and patterns. Start writing down what you eat daily. It raises awareness and forces you to think about your diet, what and how much you’re eating.


Here are some DO’s & DON’TS:

  • Avoid Bottom Heavy Diets

You should divide your calories for the whole day rather than eating most of them at once. This will help to keep your metabolism pumped up, put a stop to roller coasters in blood sugar and help with portion control throughout the day. Think of small-meals rather than a light breakfast, quick lunch and oversized dinner. 

  • Mind Your Meals

Being “mindful” around meals is when you are truly focused on what you are eating.  If you have a habit of eating, you are likely eating more than you realize.  Eating when you are truly hungry, can really help you to trim off 500 calories per day in no time.

If you can compare that it’s not the hunger that’s pulling, you can learn to ride out the cravings. 

  • Think your Drinks

Everyone should make a habit of increasing their water intake up to 4-5 L/day. Don’t spend your day sipping away your calories. If you feel plain water isn’t your thing, you can add fresh lemon or lime or try a calorie-free flavored seltzer. Count your cocktails too. 

  • Get FIT

Nutrition plays a chief role in weight loss along with physical activity. We have provided you the weekly schedules for diet and exercises that will enhance your path towards fitness. 

While tracking your calorie intake, your count on burned out calories is also equally important.

Follow small steps to lead a healthier lifestyle!!!

Human body is meant to move, not be sedentary. For weight loss, the success of your journey is based on your hardwork and dedication.


We are offering FREE CONSULTATION to our readers, if required.

THANKYOU for your reading time.

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