We all have heard and must follow basic steps for fitness.

But few of us know the actual meaning of fitness.

Till half age we live in a myth that fitness is confined to merely physical only. So change this myth into a fact that fitness covers physical, mental, social and emotional aspects of an individual. And we cannot neglect the fact that a few of us are only fit in each aspect.

Physical fitness 

It is the ability of one’s body to perform day to day activities,occupational work, mild to moderate workout without exhaustion.

Are you all able to do so ?

Hopefully yes but fact is that we are not able to do so. Reason is our lifestyle and diet. This aspect that reflects us at first sight is our body built and physical appearance that guides the viewer regarding our health and various fitness habits. 

How to improve our physical build ?

By following the fitness tips which our experts are going to guide you.

Physical fitness regime is not the same for all. It differs in different age groups as endurance and stamina changes accordingly. What a child can perform, not an old age person be able to do that. Workout practices are always different for different age groups as well as they are specific for genders too. Whether you are a beginner or a trainee workout tips vary accordingly.

Mental fitness

Next most important aspect of fitness is mental fitness.

What goes in your head is reflected in your personality. This aspect covers your behavior, expressions, reactions towards any situation.If you are mentally stable then you can conquer any battle in life. But if you are mentally unstable then a minor obstacle will definitely defeat you!!

First thing we all need to accept and understand is the fact that whatever happens in Life, it happens and LIFE GOES ON. All these happenings will end one day. Not a single thing in this world is permanent whether it may be any relation, obstacle, disturbance or any thing that is bothering you,it will pass away with time. Introspect yourself and find a true relation with yourself. Then only you would be able to find mental peace. So have a seat and meditate.

Social fitness

How you behave with the community describes your relationship status.

We all must be socially active and aware about what is happening in our surroundings.We should interact with other people regarding different issues and topics in a healthy manner. The more we talk, more we learn, more we get to experience. 

Socially unfit individual is never accepted by our society and always feels left over. Nobody cares for a person who is unsocial, who doesn’t build social relationships. And slowly and steadily a person loses his position and value in society which destroys his or her personality sooner.

Emotional fitness

 As human beings we all are emotional at different phases of life.

 We react suddenly towards any situation whether it be sad or joyful. There are few traits of emotional fitness which might help you to understand:

– Self Awareness

– Empathy

– Mindfulness

– Playfulness

– Curiosity

– Communication

– Resilience

Make a balance in life and enjoy life to the fullest.