Genu Varus and Valgus

 Genu Varus and Valgus

A normal knee is defined as when it is perfectly aligned and has a load-bearing axis on a line that runs down the middle of the leg through hip, knee and ankle. But the problem arises when the knee is not aligned properly or malaligned,which is not normal and could be either genu valgus (knock-kneed) and varus (Bow-leg).
What is Genu Varus and Valgus?
-Genu varus is condition of knee occurs when your tibia turns inwards instead of aligning with femur (your thigh bone) that seems like “Bow-leg”.

-Genu Valgus is just opposite of varus, it happens when your tibia turns outwards and not align with your thigh bone and seems like “Knock-knees”.

What are the causes?
This occur commonly in children, due to
– Deficiency of Vitamin-D or Rickets
-Can be congenital -present at the time of birth
Other causes are-
-Infections of bone (femur or tibia)
-Bone tumors
-Any trauma to your lower leg bones
-Rheumatoid arthritis
What are the symptoms?
The most common clinical presentation of varus knee is “Bow leg” whereas of valgus knee is “knock-knees” and sometimes you may experience pain in your joints. Due to malalignment of joint, there might be difficulty in weight bearing and walking. Swelling around knee joint also present.
How to diagnose?
Your examiner will look for your knee position in standing and also while walking.
X-ray is to be done to check the knee joint alignments and bone structure.
How to treat?
Conservative treatment involves physical therapy management-
→ Gradual knee mobilization is the main part of the treatment.
→ Some heat modalities may be given for relief of pain. Like IFT, SWD, TENS are given.
→ Strengthening exercises for quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus muscles are given.




→ When the patient is able to walk, he is given correct training for standing, balancing, weight transferring and walking.

If you are already performed all the above things but won’t have much relive in your conditions then consults to a nearby doctor! Or you can consult us we have free Consultations for you!

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