Hammer’s Toe

 Hammer’s Toe

It is a deformity in which your toe bends or curls downwards like a hammer that’s why called as hammer toe. It mainly occurs at middle joint (Proximal interphalangeal joint) of second, third and fourth toe. It usually occur due to imbalance in the muscle, ligaments and tendons that helps to keep the toe straight.

What are the causes?
-Wearing shoes that don’t feet you properly- hammer’s toe is generally caused because you are wearing shoes that is too tight, too pointy and high-heeled which puts stress and can force your toe into a bent position.
-Usually high-arched foot
-Tight ligaments and tendons of your foot
-Trauma-if your toe is break or jam it is more likely to develop you a hammer toe.
-Muscular imbalance of toe muscles-The imbalance leads to instability, which can cause the toe to contract.
-Spinal cord or peripheral nerve injury leads to bending of all your toes.
Risk Factors!
Age- the chances of developing this, increases with age
Sex- women are more likely to develop hammer’s toe than men
Toe size- if your second toe is bigger than your big toe, then you are more prone to develop this
What are the symptoms?
The first thing you notice is bending or curling your toe and if you try to stretch the affected toe, then it will cause you pain. You might have difficulty in walking and have inability to bend your foot. Clawing of toes also present
How to diagnose?
The examiner investigate by physical examination i.e
*Presence of downward bending of toes
*calluses and corn
*X-Ray -to perform an x-ray if having any prior injury or trauma to foot.
How to Treat?
Conservative treatment of hammer toe involves physical therapy –
1. Regular stretching of your toes to correct the deformity

2. Proper positioning of foot which not leads to curling of your toes
3. Exercises- it involves certain exercises of your toes like collecting the towel by your toes or you can pick things up using toes

4. Taping- it is also effecting in improving the deformity by fixing the toe in normal position, using a tape.

5. ,Lifestyle Modifications
You have too choose your shoes properly which includes-
Proper pads and cushion, not pointed toes, neither high heels and most importantly the size of the shoes is correct.

If you are already performed all the above things but won’t have much relive in your conditions then consults to a nearby doctor! Or you can consult us we have free Consultations for you!

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