Foods Rich In Protein!

 Foods Rich In Protein!

                                                 High Protein Foods  

Proteins are one of the major macro-nutrients for our body. It keeps our joints healthy and also helps to build muscles. It acts as a building block for our skin, tissues, hair etc. 

Major studies say that a protein-rich diet helps you to lose fat and also maintain your muscle mass. Normal protein intake is generally 1 gm per kg of your body weight for an active lifestyle. However, normally we lack an adequate amount of protein from our food so today we are going to discuss the top 5 foods that are rich in protein.

  • Eggs –

Eggs are well known protein-rich food. 

Other than protein it also contains different types of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

One whole egg contains almost 6gm of protein and 5gm of fat. 

  • Chickpeas –

Chickpea is also known as Chhola in India

A rich source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein which helps in weight management and also reduces the risk of several diseases.

1 cup of chickpea is around 100gm gives you 61gm of carbs, 19gm of protein, and 6gm of fat. 

  • Paneer or Tofu –

Paneer or Tofu is one of the best sources of vegetarian protein. One can easily add tofu or paneer to their daily diet to fulfill their daily requirement of protein, it is easily available and can be made at home and yes it tastes good at the same time.

Do You Know? 100gm of paneer or tofu has around 14gm of high-quality protein. 

  • Lentils –

Lentils basically belongs to the legumes family. They are highly nutritious and contain lots of proteins and fibers. As Indians, we are blessed to have it in our daily diet.

Fact: 100 gm of mixed lentils gives you about 9 gm of protein and other vitamins and minerals. 

  • Chicken breast –

Chicken is one of the most favorite dish among non vegies. Chicken breast is high in protein and at the same time easy to cook.

You should know… 100 gm of chicken breast gives you around 31 gm of protein and 3.6 gm of fat. 

Proteins are crucial for human body in many ways like maintaining muscle mass, building tissues, strong hairs, and many more. So, by adding these foods in your daily diet you can complete recommended daily protein requirement.


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