How to plan a healthy meal???

 How to plan a healthy meal???

   Meal planning

Diet planning is a process which ensures the meal being planned in palatable, appetizing, adequately nutritious and within the economic means of the individual.


The meals planned should  be easy to cook and one should also keep in mind the availability , custom , tradition and food habits and food preference.


In order to maintain good health and well being we all need to consume well balanced diet. cut down extra sugar, fat and salt from your diet.

You all must be wondering about the balanced diet!! so lets make it more clear!!

Diet in which amount and proportion of nutrients depends on age, gender , activity level , occupation and physiological condition of individual.


As adequate nutrition is important for physical , mental and emotional development  of  people so it is essential to put emphasis on planning a proper meals before they cooked and served.


Diet planning involves  making certain decisions not only  for the how much amount and the methods  of preparation but also the food  choices , customs , traditions and religion to which the people belongs. The meal planned should be easy to prepare using locally grown seasonal food ingredients  which are not only inexpensive but also have a high  nutritive value.

Diet planning is a challenging task but if performed and implemented well one can easily plan a healthy meal.

Tips to plan a healthy meal!!

  • Acceptance- It is very important that meal should be acceptable to the person in every aspect. Summing  his /her food preferences, culture, religion and daily routines.


  • Economic means- The meal planned should be within  economic  means of  family. This can be done by choosing seasonal and locally available food minimizes cost and maximise nutrition.
  • Adequate serving- Meal should be served according to the person of certain age  , gender and also provide satiety. Planning  meals with accurate portions size would also help to avoid wastage.
  • Nutritional adequacy –Meals should meet the nutrient need of an individual by selecting meal from different food groups  so that it help in providing the desirable nutrients .
  • Various nutrients rich sources even within the same food group is necessary as some food have higher content of particular nutrients as compared to others.
  • Clinical conditions
  • one should not be fixed to a certain food type in the diet,rather he should prefer variations in dishes. food preferences should be set according to the taste and nutritional value.                     

Not only a diseased person need to plan meal but a healthy individual need it too for the sake of his health!!

If you havent planned your diet till now, so what are you all waiting for?? Plan it right now!!

Thank you for your precious reading time!!!

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  • Thankyou for providing a clear idea about diet as most of us think diet means skipping meals and specially meals with fats. Here I learnt diet is not skipping meals but to eat in proportion and taking all the nutrients according to our body requirement. I think now I will have a better idea about my diet and what my body needs. This blog really helped me understand the real meaning of diet plan. Thankyou again.

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