Kissing Spine

 Kissing Spine

Kissing Spine also known as “Baastrup Syndrome” is one of the most common pain condition that people have. There are many medical condition that causes back pain like degenerative disc diseases, spinal stenosis, lumbar spondylosis etc. Apart from these medical conditions, there is one condition, which also causes significant back pain in which the spinous processes of two adjacent vertebrae come in contact with each other resulting in severe back pain. The spinous processes that are in actual contact with each other may undergo resultant degeneration and thereby causes pain in your back.


Causes of Kissing Spine Syndrome
The most common cause is due to loss of disc space leading to degeneration of disc resulting in contact between the spinous processes
Other causes are-
– Incorrect Posture
– Traumatic Injuries to spine
– Obesity
– Common in Swimmers, and elderly population
You may have pain at your spinous process , which may be referred or might not be referred.The L4-L5 level which means your lower back is mostly affected. Lumbar extension causes maximum amount of pain. The movements of spine like side bending and rotations are very painful.
The physician will ask you for pain while bending backwards, side bending and rotation of spine. Check for spinous process pain by applying pressure over it. Various diagnostic tools are also help in identifying changes in your spine
1. CT Scan- it will show close proximity or contact of adjacent spinous processes. There may be enlargement, flattening of contacting interspinous surfaces.
2. MRI of Lumbar Spine
-Physical Therapy is helpful in case of “kissing Syndrome” to ease up your symptoms.
-Ultrasound, TENS, SWD, Heat Therapy should be used to decrease pain in lower back or at your spinous processes.
-The PT exercises are aimed at stretching of hip flexor muscles, along with strengthening of your core muscles.

-Pilates is also found to be very helpful for reducing symptoms and to your strengthen the back muscles.

If you are already performed all the above things but won’t have much relive in your conditions then consults to a nearby doctor! Or you can consult us we have free Consultations for you!

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