Let’s Screen Your Body With Ayu-Lens!

 Let’s Screen Your Body With Ayu-Lens!



After knowing about vata, pitta & kapha another beautiful concept is being covered in this blog on which ayurveda believes i.e PANCHMAHABHUTA.


          Panch – five ; Maha – great ; Bhuta – elements

We have learned from the childhood, the smallest unit that any living organism have is cell & the non livings have atom. Ayurveda believes that whether it is living or non living, everything in this entire world is made up of these panchmahabhuta. Though there could be one, two or more dominating mahabhuta but there is minimal presence of all five.

       Sarv dravyam panchabhootam

        (either living or non living)

The entire universe is a manifestation of five elements.

The human being who is a non-separate manifestation born of the universe, is also composed of these very elements.

These five great elements are as follows :-


  1. Akash
  2. Vayu
  3. Agni
  4. Jala
  5. Prithvi


A great combination of these mahabhuta along with atma (atma is again an enthralling concept) result in a great existence of LIFE otherwise panchmahabhuta alone contributes to matter ( non living).

According to charak, whatever is present in the universe is also present in the human body. Signs of mahabhuta can be observed in the body as well as in the universe.

  •          Akash of the universe – vacuum in the body
  •          Vayu – causes all the movement
  •          Agni – wherever involvement of temp.
  •          Jala – fluidity
  •          Prithvi – solidity


After having knowledge of their origin you must know the sequential formation of these 5 elements in a living body. Akash is the first to originate then vayu, agni, jala & prithvi follows.


It is clear that Mahabhuta is the smallest building part of any matter. 

Akash is the space in which matter exists. Its main sense element is Sound (Shabda) and the property is Nonresistance (Apratighatatwa).

Vayu evolved from Akash. Touch (Sparsha) is its key sense element and it also inherits the element of sound (Shabda) as it evolved from Akash. Chalatwa (movability) is its property.

Agni evolved next from Vayu. The chief sense element of Agni is Vision (Roop) and the main property is heat (Ushnatwa). It also inherits the key sense elements of sound (Shabda) and touch (Sparsha) as it is also evolved from the Akash and Vayu Mahabhuta respectively.

The next Mahabhuta is Jal that evolved from Agnimahabhuta. Its key sense element is Taste (Rasa) and liquidity (DraVatawa) is the property, along with that inherited from earlier Mahabhuta.

The last to evolve is Prithwi from Jal Mahabhuta. Smell (Gandha) is its main sense element and Roughness (Kharatwa ) is the chief property  besides properties inherited from the earlier once. 

       MAHABHUTA                     NATURAL QUALITY
Akash Shabda
Vayu Shabda + sparsha 
Agni Shabda + sparsha + roopa
Jala Shabda + sparsha + roopa + rasa
Prithvi Shabda+sparsha+rupa+rasa+gandha



Akash Aparighatwa ( soothing)
Vayu Chalatwa ( motion )
Agni Ushnatwa ( temperature)
Jala Dravatwa ( liquidity )
prithvi Kharatwa ( hardness)


  1. AKASH
  •         Mardava   :    softness
  •         Soushirya :     porousness
  •          Laghava   :     lightness
  1. VAYU
  •           Rokshya  :    roughness
  •          Glani        :     tiredness of sense organ
  •         Vichara    :     motility
  •          Vaishadya:     ungreasiness
  •          Laghuta   :     lightness
  1. AGNI
  •          Daha        :     burning
  •          Paka        :     digestion
  •          Prabha     :     lustre
  •          Prakasha :     illumination
  •          Varna      :     complexion
  •          Tapan       :     warmth
  •          Dharan    :     support
  1. JALA
  •          Upkleda           : moisture
  •         Snehabandha  :   viscidity
  •          Vishyandhana :   liquefaction
  •          Mardava          : softness
  •          Prahlada          : refreshness
  •          Sanghanana    :  cohesion
  •          Upachya   :  growth
  •          Sanghata :  compactness
  •          Gorav       :  heaviness
  •          Sthairya    :  steadiness
  •          Bala         :  resistance
  •         Dharana    :  retention


        You understood about Vata, Pitta and Kapha.  Now we can conclude that these basic energies of life also  comprises of these 5 elements-

1)  Vata      –   akash + vayu

2)  Pitta      –   agni + jala

3)  Kapha   –   jala + prithvi 

There is lot more to know which I’ll be explaining in our coming sections.

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THANKYOU for your reading time.

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