let’s welcome a healthier year!!

 let’s welcome a healthier year!!

Let’s make 2021 a healthier year!

You all have witnessed the conditions we have faced in 2020, infact it has made all of us enough mature to handle the worsen conditions with much awareness.

Yes in the initial days everyone was worried and nerve was throbbing out from each one of us ,but with each passing day we adjusted in the new normal.

We adapted with the situation and became aware about the fact that health is our first and foremost need and we should make it our first priority.                                                                                 

So with the learnings and experiences we got from 2020, let’s join our hands and tighten our belts to fly into healthier 2021!!

What should be added in our schedule? Let’s make the pledges-

  • Pledge to exercise daily-                                                                                   

Honestly it is not that much tough task to do. From 24 hours you have to take only half an hour for exercise.

And yes we all can do that!

Exercise doesn’t means brisk one, start with easy yoga poses and pranayam.

  • Pledge to meditate –                                                                                                     

Physical fitness is incomplete without mental wellness. Mind becomes stable only when you meditate. Start with 15 minutes meditation in the first part of your day.

  • Pledge to make your diet a bit more healthier-                                             

You cannot neglect the fact that we all are dependent on junks too much that it has become a sort of addiction to all of us.

No!No! you don’t have to cut off junks, as no one can cut off that, but we can atleast try to minimize their consumption a bit in the coming year.

As we all are aware about the fact that junks are foe to us but yes tastes yummier!

Irony !!

But yes we are planning to have a healthier 2021 so we are pledging to incline more towards healthier diet.

  • Pledge to sleep on time-                                                                                       

Never thought that someday human have to pledge for this!

But you never know!

As we all are addicted to our phones and social media to that extent that it has even took our sleep to some other platform which is out of our reach!

And it is a fact that many of us take medications to induce sleep!!

Can you believe this, medication for sleep?

So pledge that we will sleep before 11a.m, as it is a high time when our body is prepared for sleep mentally.

  • Pledge to free our body from all negative addictions-                                       

Whether it be alcohol, smoking,or any negative thought, lets make a pledge to free our body from these addictions.

  • Pledge to maintain a healthy weight-                                                           

We all want the perfect shape of our body but when it comes to convert our thought into action we take a back step!!

But why?

What is pulling us from our determination, or we are making a weak determination?

Give it a thought!!

Let’s pledge to follow our pledges and make 2021 much healthier from the year that has passed.

With all these pledges lets make a healthy tomorrow without any extra investments.

Make a healthy tomorrow at your doorsteps right there.

What you have to do is to determine and follow your pledges in a disciplined manner .

So what are you waiting for!!

Make a healthy year for you and your family.                                                       

Stay healthy and stay fit!!

Thanks for your concerned time!!

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