Mucormycosis: Life Threatening !!!

 Mucormycosis: Life Threatening !!!

The globe is still under the grim shadow of the covid19 pandemic there is another deadly disease outbreak that has put the authorities on high alert.

Mucormycosis, previously known as zygomycosis is a serious but relatively rare fungal infection, generally starts from the nose and quickly reaches to the eyes. 

If diagnosed early and treatment provided timely, the patient can be cured, however, if left untreated, it can prove life threatening.

Hospitals in red zones have reported some cases, Ahmedabad has registered at least 44 cases of mucormycosis with 9 lives claimed.


When it spreads, it speedily paralyses musculature around the pupils of the eye, resulting in blindness. 

If left unnoticed the infection spreads to the brain, and can result in meningitis.

Along with the skin infection, this can develop within any part of your body. Initially it may occur at the area of skin trauma, but it can rapidly spread to another area. Keep check for symptoms such as:

  • Darkened skin tissue
  • fever
  • redness
  • tenderness
  • swelling
  • blisters
  • ulcers


This infection majorly affects people who have chronic health problems or the one who is consuming the medicines that weakens the body’s immune system and lower its ability to fight against germs and sickness. 

This leads people recovering from COVID-19 or post-Covid issues to a higher risk. People with other associated medical history like diabetes and other health problems are also at risk.

It is important to maintain good hygiene and health. Wear your mask at all public places and wash your hands regularly. Avoid touching your eyes and nose.

If you notice any inflammation in your nose, eyes or throat, visit a doctor for a checkup immediately. 

Early detection of this infection of mucormycosis is crucial to treatment.


Healthcare professionals are concerned because people who have mucormycosis often don’t know that they have it. You may get diagnosed with the condition upon visiting the doctor for a lung, sinus, or skin infection. It is advised if you notice any type of suspected infection in your body during this pandemic time especially the ones who recovered from covid19 should visit your doctor on an immediate basis.

Mucormycosis is diagnosed by looking at a tissue sample in the labs with specialised equipments. Your physician may collect a sample of phlegm or nasal discharge if you have a suspected sinus infection and in case of a skin infection, they may also clean the wounded area in question.

Be extra conscious about your body in 2020, any lapse in this pandemic time may land you in difficult situations.


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