Myths: Do You Know???

 Myths: Do You Know???

As we are developing, our lifestyle has begun to change a lot, busy schedule, hectic job and lack of time make us ill, physically as well as mentally. Though we understand the importance of fitness, most of us have already incorporated healthy habits in our lifestyle. But there are many myths that are buzzing around in mostly gyms. Here I will guide you about the top 5 myths related to health and fitness and advise not to fall in any falsehoods. 

  • Myth 1:

Spot reduction – You may have heard many times that some people are particularly specific in shaping specific part of their body like some have to reduce belly fat or the arm fat, which scientifically impossible, a study published in Journal of Strength and Conditioning shows that even if you train an only single body part for 12 weeks you will loss same amount of fat in each body part. Although diet plays a min role in fat loss or muscle gain. 

  • Myth 2:

Lifting weight makes women bulky It’s a vast belief mostly women think that if they will lift heavy weights it will promote bulky muscles as those of men, which is totally a myth. The reason behind gaining bulky muscles in males is a hormone called testosterone, in females testosterone is about 1/20 to 1/30 times than males. So if women practice heavy lifting they only lose fat and get a toned body.

  • Myth 3:

Only cardio for fat loss – Most of the gym trainers recommends hour and hours for cardio exercises or HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)  for fat loss, which is totally wrong because by doing only cardio you will lose your weight which includes the majority of muscles, water content and some amount of fat, shows results on weighing but you can hardly figure out any difference in mirror. In short, combination of both weight training and cardio workout will help you to get your desired results.

  • Myth 4:

Avoid water during abs workout – Most of the gym trainers suggest you to avoid drinking water during your abs workout session, which is again wrong during your workout session you sweat a lot and lose ample amounts of water along with electrolytes which will lead you to unnecessary fatigue. To avoid this you have to drink water at frequent intervals throughout your workout session.

  • Myth 5:

Your muscle will turn into fat if you stop lifting weights – Most of you believe that if you stop going to gyms your muscles will convert into fat. Biologically your muscles are made up of protein which can not convert into fat. In actuality what happens is, your muscles were in a constant phase of heavy workout and when you stop suddenly, the muscle girth starts reducing.

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