Natural Remedies for Shoulder Pain

 Natural Remedies for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder is one of the most important joints of your body, it provides you a wide range of motion i.e. from scratching your back to throwing a perfect pitch. Your shoulder helps you out in every small day to day need. Here are some useful tips and natural remedies for shoulder pain which might affect your daily activity if left untreated.

Pain in your shoulder not only troubles you but also disturbs your work life, as you try to lift your hand for doing any work it will cause you pain. 

The reason behind your pain can be your desk job, as your posture is affecting which in turn causes you various kinds of pain and therefore, shoulder pain is one of them.

What are the causes of shoulder pain?

There are number of causes which cause you shoulder pain –

  1. Overuse or repetitive motion
  2. Any injury to shoulder due to fall or accident
  3. Arthritis
  4. Inflammation in your shoulder tendons
  5. Pinched nerve in neck or shoulder
  6. Frozen shoulder
  7. Fracture in any bone of shoulder joint
  8. Postural Problem

Alarming Signs 

  • Pain at rest or while lifting your shoulder
  • Stiffness and weakness of shoulder and upper arm
  • Tingling and numbness also present if pain is due to nerve impingement
  • Difficulty in performing shoulder movements
  • Decreased range of motion

Effective Remedies & Management 

  • Use hot therapy if you are experiencing pain from so long and cold therapy to swelling or if you get some injury.
  • Rest from activities that aggravate your pain, you can wear slings or immobilizers.
  • Do exercises of your shoulder joint
    • Shoulder Circles
    • Eagle Arm Spinal Rolls
  • Stretching of shoulder muscle to reduce pain
    • Doorway Shoulder Stretch
    • Across the Chest Stretch
    • Neck Release
    • Chest expansion
    • Seated Twist
  • Strengthening exercises to strengthen the muscles of your shoulder joint

Downward Dog Pose

Child’s Pose

  • You can wear a clavicle brace to correct your posture.

Tips to Manage Shoulder Discomfort

  1. Avoid movements and lifting weights that put stress on your shoulder.
  2. Take rest and avoid the activities causing pain.
  3. Improve your posture by avoiding slouching during sitting, take small breaks from your work, do shoulder stretches.
  4. You can try some home remedies to treat your pain as well. Our ancient natural pain relievers are milk with turmeric, cloves and Indian willow bark.
  5. Apply pain relief ointment or spray over the affected area to get instant relief.
  6. If you are a sports person then play your sport with proper technique and form.
  7. You can reduce your inflammation through your diet too. Isn’t it amazing ?

Natural Remedies

Olive Oil, Tomatoes, Citrus Fruits and berries, Dry fruits particularly nuts like walnuts and almonds, Beetroot juice, Green leafy vegetables, Spices and herbs like cinnamon, turmeric and ginger, Fatty Fish etc. are natural pain relievers and should be consumed to stay healthy.

Eliminating processed foods and adding healthy foods in your diet will help you in your healing rate. Your balanced diet will get actually balanced by adding these healthy food items.

Essential oils can also be used for pain relief and swelling reduction like Marjoram oil, Peppermint oil, or Lavender oil.

Follow these 7 proven tips and effective natural remedies for your shoulder pain up to 3 months to boost your healing process.

Stay Healthy & Stay Fit !

Authored by Chetna Sharma (PT), Team DSR

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