Olecranon Bursitis

 Olecranon Bursitis

Olecranon Bursitis is a condition in which there is inflammation of the bursa that is overlying the olecranon process of Ulna (your forearm bone) at elbow joint. The olecranon is the pointed bone at the tip of the elbow. Between the point of the elbow and the skin, there is a thin sac of fluid known as a bursa.This bursa will help your skin to smoothly glide over bone and provides cushioning. Due to inflammation, there is collection of extra fluid in bursa which becomes a painful condition.

Bursitis develops due to following factors-
-Trauma- a hard blow to your elbow leads to fluid collection
– Repetitive movements in Tennis, Golf, Computer work
– Infection due to any crack or leison in your skin which provides passage to bacteria and viruses to invade into the bursa and cause inflammation
– Prolonged pressure i.e due to leaning on the tip of your elbow for longer periods, develops bursitis gradually
– Certain conditions like arthritis and gout will leads you bursitis
1. Swelling- It is the first clinical presentation if you have bursitis. It is present at the tip of your elbow.

2. Pain- Pain at the tip of your elbow, and it gets worsen when direct pressure applied on it and when you try to bend your elbow.
3. Limited Range of Motion and Stiffness – You have restricted ROM because of swelling and pain which in turn leads to elbow stiffness.
If bursitis occurs due to infection then you might have-
* Redness
* Warmth
* Fever
* Chills and sweats
-Your doctor will check for signs like swelling, pain, limited range of motion
-If there is inflammation because of infection you will ask for fever, chills and the examiner touch your elbow point and examine for redness and warmth
– Fluid testing can also be done to know the type of bacteria or virus
If your bursitis is due to infection, then your doctor will give you antibiotics and drain your fluid from bursa as early as possible.
If your bursitis is not due to infection then-
-First, you have to avoid activities that cause direct pressure on your elbow which leads to increase in inflammation.
-Apply ice at the point of elbow for 15-20 mins to decrease swelling and inflammation
-Ultrasound, LASER, IFT should be used to reduce pain and swelling
-Elbow Pads are used to cushion your elbow while you sit, work or sleep

-Exercises can help strengthen the muscles near the elbow to reduce pain and prevent problems in the future and these are-
Flexion stretch
Extension stretch
Pronation and Supination stretch

If you are already performed all the above things but won’t have much relive in your conditions then consults to a nearby doctor! Or you can consult us we have free Consultations for you!

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