Physiotherapists are professionals who work with their patients in movement and function. An expert who can also help to prevent further injury by listening to the patient’s needs and expectations, working together to plan the most appropriate protocol of treatment for any individual’s condition, including setting short term and long term goals.


Physiotherapy helps in restoring movement and function, when one gets affected by illness, injury or disability. Moreover, physiotherapy is allied healthcare that assess, diagnose, treat, and focus to prevent disease and disability. It includes


You must have heard of ‘Medicine adds days to life but and Physiotherapy adds life to days’ A physiotherapist can help you to have pain-free movement, which is essential to be able to do your daily living activities, prevents a lot of chronic diseases. It aids the recovery well from a large variety of chronic illnesses and injuries.Moreover, when surgery and medicines can be the best course of treatment for certain conditions, there are illnesses in which physiotherapy can be equally beneficial. The fact is if physiotherapy is given early then it may help to avoid unnecessary surgery and drug consumption.