This physiotherapy treatment is especially for those suffering with respiratory /cardiac problems. This helps in improving respiratory efficiency, promote expansion of lung strengthen respiratory muscles and eliminate secretions from the respiratory system. Chest physiotherapy treatment by the physiotherapists in multiple cities from [email protected] includes postural drainage, chest percussion, acbt vibration, deep breathing exercises and coughing which are often done in conjunction with treatments like suctioning, and administering of expectorant drugs. The physiotherapist can help teach you breathing exercises to do yourself to help keep your airways clear as well as use techniques known as percussion, vibrations, postural drainage to help loosen the secretions. For those people who are unable to generate an effective enough cough to get rid of the phlegm assisted coughing is a technique that can be used. They can also advise on any breathing equipment that may be of help to improve oxygen flow or make the mucus looser and reduce shortness of breath. Prior to each treatment assessment techniques such as auscultation using a stethoscope to listen to your lungs will be performed.