This physiotherapy treatment is made especially for those who have undergone surgeries. Post-Surgical physiotherapy helps in restoration of activity post any surgery. Mobilization exercises, Muscle strengthening exercises, stretching exercises are mainly used in this treatment by the physical therapists. Common surgeries include spine, hip, ankle, shoulder and cardiac surgeries. Using a range of exercises, Physiotherapists help patients regain muscle strength and movement so that they can perform routine tasks as soon as possible. Physical exercises such as Quadriceps sets, Straight leg raises, Ankle pumps, Knee straightening exercises, Bed-supported knee bends, Sitting supported knee bends, Stair climbing and descending and Sitting unsupported knee bends, etc. help patients re-establish the muscle strength, joint motion, full joint movement and flexibility. Advanced exercises such as Standing knee bends and assisted knee bends are recommended to build optimal strength and functionality, once the patient has regained independence for a shorter distanc