This physiotherapy focuses on treatment, and rehabilitation of a sports person. Physical activity including fitness programs and education for athletes are the major aspects of this treatment. With the team of best physiotherapists in multiple cities [email protected] is one of the most trusted physiotherapy agencies that provide customized treatment as per the requirement of patients. Our therapist may use different modalities and assistive devices may be prescribed to help in stabilizing the injured part and prevent you from using it. The main goal here is to promote healing by reducing pain and swelling Sports rehabilitation aims to help you recover your athletic skills by utilizing various treatment techniques that focus on balance, coordination, flexibility and strength. Sport-specific exercises and muscle reconditioning will be implemented so the injured part can re-learn how to move the way it used to. You will also be taught new techniques for protecting muscles and joints that are susceptible to injuries. By far the most common sports injuries are ankle sprain, epicondylitis, groin pull, hamstring strain, ACL tear, patellofemoral syndrome and shin splints. Others include bursitis, neck pain or strain, rotator cuff injuries, shoulder injuries, and low back pain. Note that some of these injuries depend on what you play and therefore more common in your specific type of sport.