Stress Fractures Of Foot

 Stress Fractures Of Foot

Stress fracture of foot are tiny cracks in the bones, which are commonly occur in the weight bearing bones i.e, lower leg and foot. Over stressing a particular joint beyond its limits also leads to the cracks in the bones. It can be occur due to weakening of bones such as in osteoporosis.

What leads to have you this condition?
-Due to increased load on bone
-Increases amount or intensity of activity, very quickly
-Long distance running
-Having a low Vitamin D level
– Improper footwear and running surface
Risk Factors!
Gender- Females would be at higher risk, if they have irregular menstrual or no periods.
Age – Elderly have week bones or osteoporosis, due to which have a higher risk.
Sports- High impact sports such as basketball, tennis, dance and gymnastics
Foot Problems- if you are having flat or high arched foot, then you are more prone to have stress fracture.


Pain, swelling and aching at the fractured site
Pain becomes more intense during activity and get relieved by rest.
‘Pinpoint’ pain at the fractured site
Pain which is worse with hopping on one leg or an inability to shift weight/hop on affected leg/foot

How to diagnose?
Your doctor would advice to get these investigations done-
X-Ray-stress fractures are hard to been diagnose by x-rays, because small cracks are not seen properly. If the stress fractures are healed, so calluses or lumps are seen on x-ray.
Bone Scans- If stress fractures are not seen on x-rays, so bone scans are done. The fractured area appears darker than normal area on bone scans.
How to manage Stress Fracture of foot?
If you are having stress fracture, then the first thing you have to do is to rest your foot, or discontinue the activity which lead to injury
*Rest for 2-8 weeks
*Stop activities which over stress your foot
*Use ice pack for 10-15 mins and elevate your leg to reduce your swelling
*Use crutches to weight-off affected leg
*Perform isometrics exercises of foot
*Strengthening exercises of intrinsic muscles of foot
-If you had already try this and won’t have any relief, then consult to nearby doctor or if having any query regarding your condition then, consult us without any charges.

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