Tenfolds Diagnostic Tool For Practitioner

 Tenfolds Diagnostic Tool For Practitioner

Diagnostic tools for a practitioner

Ayurveda believes in atur (patient’s ) as well as vyadhi (disease) pariksha before making conclusion of a diagnosis along with its prescription.

I know you haven’t heard any of these words before but this has left you with avidity of diagnosis were made in ancient times when there was no tools no specialised equipments!

Lets begin!!!

The ten cardinal factors of patient to be examined by practitioner to fulfill his responsibility with great fame are –

  • Prakriti Pariksha

(Body Type Examination)

Body type of patient plays very crucial role before making any conclusion. Prescription is always designed depending upon the body he/she is living with. It depends on Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. You will get to know more on this concept of prakriti in our coming sections.

  • Vikriti Pariksha

(Pathological Examination)

The factors responsible for disease with cause, aggravated dosha, signs, and symptoms, helps to reach at conclusion, the type of disease the one is suffering from. It also assist in determining the severity of disease.

  • Saar Pariksha

(Examination of Elemental Tissue and Mind)

This helps to get a clear picture of patient’s immunity. It is examined through various factors and helps to classify the health of individual at their tissue level. Endurance is also an important part and is checked by Saar Pariksha. Mostly people make perception of being fit and healthy just by looking at their physique. Its not always true that a lean person is healthy and fit just because they are not getting obese. Health is defined as well being at social, mental and physical level.

  • Sanghana Pariksha

(Examination of Compactness)

The compactness of body, distribution of bones and joints, amount of muscle and blood is examined. This measure helps in understanding the actual condition of patient.

  • Praman Pariksha

(Pathological Examinations)

This estimates a clear vision of inclination or declination of various attributes of body. It includes laboratory testing which helps to get a detailed and concluded pathological information going inside the body.

  • Satmya Pariksha

(Adaptability and Compatibility)

The modifications that needs to be done in patient’s daily routine is calculated through Satmya Pariksha. If we define satmya, it is any thing which on continuous consumption become adjustable or adaptable for the body.

  • Satwa Pariksha

(IQ examination)

The mental strength with IQ is studied in Satwa Pariksha along with their potential psyche. Prescription is inked accordingly.

  • Ahar Shakti

(Digestive Fire Examination)

The complete diet which patient’s follow in their routines portray their digestive fire, heavier the diet taken more is the digestion capacity. The wellness or the illness, both depends upon the quality and the quantity of what you eat. Ahar Shakti helps in planning a proper and efficient protocol for treatment.

  • Vyayam Shakti

(Strength Examination)

Greater the capacity for exercise more will be the strength and endurance.

  • Vyay Pariksha

(Age Examination)

It is the most important and inevitable factor to be examined. It directly affects the dosage to be prescribed.


The significance of these diagnostic tools, without specialised machines one can understand, conclude and design protocol for patients relating to – 

  • Rog bala (strength of disease)
  • Rogi bala (strength and endurance of patient)
  • Ayu bala (quantity and quality of life)
  • For diet and treatment recommendation
  • Analyzing abnormalities of body
  • Diagnosis of illnesses
  • effective remedial treatment

You can also have a check on your body according to your observation and the way you’re leading your lifestyles, just to make it in organised way to keep yourself healthy and fit. 


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