“Undoubtedly right now you’re reading this by staring down at your gadget with your neck hunched back. It’s vouched that everyone of us has  a very complicated relationship with devices” 

We all agree, the boon of technology is a blessing of this century. From newborns to geriatric groups everyone is exposed to technologies and it’s very helpful for them incongruously. 

You must have heard of “Every blessing comes with a curse”. 

Though cell phones, ipads, laptops or computers can be extremely productive tools but regular and constant use of these devices results in awful changes in the human body particularly on the spine. 


How often do you feel repetitive strains in your neck in a week? 

We engage for long hours on our devices for everything from professional life to social life and from school to entertainment and news. This escalates the prevalence of pain and discomfort around the neck.

What is Text Neck ? 

We all are aware of text neck as this is a leading problem from past few years. To some extent we are all facing this condition.

Our fast tracked life & increased demands drive us to electronic gadgets. The repetitive default positioning of neck staring forward and downward in your cell phones, iPad, tab for long hours causes unnatural strain on your neck, shoulder and spine, further results in upper back pain.

We need to understand physiological effects of text neck are insidious in nature that leads to alterations in biomechanics of cervical spine and induces pain. It can be relapsed with complex and intensifying effects.


The pain and stiffness can diffuse to the shoulders, down the spine, sideways along the scapula (shoulder blades) or upward give rise to headache



Long hours of abnormal neck posture of looking down at devices could become permanent if left unnoticed. This unusual posture stretches out your upper back muscles and weakens anterior (front) muscle groups. Excessive loading over muscle results in compensatory alterations in biomechanics.


According to human anatomy and biomechanics, our head weighs 4.5 kg to 5.5 kg in neutral position, as we bend our neck down it doubles the weight of the neck. For 15° of bending down it weighs 12 kg and for 45° of bending results in 22.5 kg of head weight. Our neck muscles sustain excessive loading which causes extra neck strain.

Repetitive neck strains result in discomfort and tightness around the neck region. When neglected, initiates soreness around muscles and diffused dull aching pain along the scapula, down the spine and across shoulders.


Unnatural loading on the supporting structures due to constantly depending on digitised electronic gadgets for a long period will trigger the headaches, either you working on a laptop, computer system or using handheld electronic devices.


As your muscle gets tightened due to stiffness from repetitive strain in the neck muscle it will start affecting the intervertebral disc of the cervical spine. Raised pressure over the disc will result in its speedily wear and tear process. 


  • Take frequent breaks and move around to change your neck posture differently. You can set an alarm at frequent intervals.
  • Level up the position of your screen.
  • Start using a chair with a headrest. 
  • Assess your posture yourself. You can check in the mirror, an imaginary vertical line must pass through your ear down to your shoulder.
  • Neck and shoulder stretches.
  • Neck Extension Exercises
  • Chin Tuck-In: hold for 10 sec then relax.
  • Side Neck Stretches 
  • Chest Lift Ups (with lying on stomach)
  • Upright Chest Lift     

Hope you would take better care of your neck specially during Covid19 pandemic while working from home.

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Thanks for your reading time !!

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  • I feel neck pain in the morning. Can you suggest a few exercises

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