Triceps Tendinopathy

 Triceps Tendinopathy

Triceps Tendinopathy also known as triceps tendinitis is a condition in which tendon of your arm muscle i.e triceps gets inflamed and cause pain to you. It is an overuse injury occur because of repetitive movements of arm which irritates the tendon, or also due to a lots of push-ups and that’s why also known as “Weightlifter’s elbow”.

What are the causes?
Triceps tendinopathy can develop slowly and gradually with time. Causes are-
– Due to any trauma to the tendon, which cause inflammation and degeneration to the tendon.
– Performing repetitive motion with improper technique
– Suffering from chronic diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis
– No prior warm up before sports activities
– Due to certain sports such as, baseball, weightlifting and bench presses at the gym
* Swelling or bulge near your elbow
*You have pain and tenderness when you straight your arm
*Limited Range of motion along with stiffness
* Sharp pain while extending your elbow, especially against resistance
* Weakness of triceps muscle
How to diagnose?
The examiner will check for any swelling or bulge near your elbow, ask for pain while extending your elbow with resistance, measure the ROM using goniometer, or touch the back of arm near elbow for tenderness.
-First Step is to Rest your elbow for performing activities which causes pain and do icing near elbow to reduce inflammation.

-Physical therapist use Ultrasound and LASER therapy to decrease pain and inflammation and promotes healing.
-Sports massage and taping may also help the scar tissue to heal properly
-Gentle Triceps stretching exercises can also be done to increase strength and range of motion.

-Isometric and strengthening exercises of shoulder and elbow muscles

If you are already performed all the above things but won’t have much relive in your conditions then consults to a nearby doctor! Or you can consult us we have free Consultations for you!

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