Why Homeopathy!!!

 Why Homeopathy!!!

Homeopathy gives you not only the cure of the disease but also a feeling of internal well being.

What is this “Feeling of internal well being”?

Internal Well being:-This is the Beauty of Homeopathy i.e. Homeopathy not only cures the disease but it also gives the proper energy and relaxation at the psychic level. 

  • HOMEOPATHIC medicines work dynamically.
  •  It is meant to restore the vitality of the patient and the body heals itself i.e. SELF HEALING.
  •  It gives stimulation to patients and in response the body heals on its own in a gentle manner without disturbing harmony of the body.

This restoration depends upon the tissue changes in the body.

For Example:

If you have only some functional disturbance then the restoration is 100% reversible but when the tissue changes occur then restoration depends upon advancement in tissue changes. Therefore it is advised to come in the initial stages of disease so that it can be removed from its root by Homeopathic treatment.

HOMEOPATHIC PRESCRIPTION: To give the right stimulation to the body, first we need to understand the individual’s body.

For individualization we need to know and understand the psyche of a patient or altered state of mind during sickness.

Generally patients come to us, narrate their symptoms in different manners. Like some are talkative, aggressive, reserved, sulky, quiet, pessimistic, despair on the other hand some patients are contented, optimistic and show their hope, perseverance towards the disease. This presentation of disease is different in every individual.

Homeopathy works at the dynamic level i.e. psyche of the patients. Psyche means deepest feelings, emotions and attitude of the person. This verbal and nonverbal communication (gesture) of the patient helps in diagnosis process.

We all agree! Every individual is different.

Every person has got different state of mind that is determined by various factors such as genetics, society, religion, domestic environment, or the past experiences.

The home environment plays a very important role in describing the behavior of a person.

Some children are subject to parental domination. This makes the child shy, introvert, and sometimes lacks self confidence. Or sometimes there is conflict between the parents this leads to development of a feeling of being unloved among children. Love sickness is another major cause of mood swings among the teenagers and adolescents.

Homeopathy is becoming generally more accepted, the ways in which we deal with psycho somatic gestures of stress, grief, anger or trauma and other negative emotions often manifest physically as a headache, digestive episodes, skin conditions and so on with many flourishing illnesses.

Thus Homeopathy works at a Dynamic level by understanding the psyche of the patient and then administering the correct SIMILLIMUM.


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