Know More About Wounds!

 Know More About Wounds!

Open wound involves an internal or external break in the body tissue involving the skin. It is a commonly occurring injury, experienced by everyone. Most open wounds are minor and treated at home. 

 This commonly occurs while doing household activities, falls, accidents. If the wound bleeding prolongs for a longer duration then there is a need for medical care.

There are various types of an open wound:

  • Avulsion: It is a type of injury that partially or completely tears the skin and tissue beneath it. It commonly occurs during accidents, falls, etc.
  • Puncture: It is commonly found when some pointed object such as a needle, bullet injures the body.

  • Blister: It commonly occurs due to electric burns, burns from any hot objects.

  • Laceration: Deep cut of the skin due to the sharp objects like knives, any machinery tools.

 How to treat the wound?

  • You can go for home care, cleaning the area around the wound with the help of an antiseptic.
  • Usage of direct pressure to stop the bleeding.
  • Wrap the wound, if required with a sterile bandage, and put antibacterial ointment on that.
  • If there is a swelling around the wound, apply ice on it.
  • Keep in mind to clean the wound regularly to avoid infections.

When to take help with the Doctor?

  • If the bleeding prolongs for a longer period.
  • If the wound is deeper and injury is severe
  • If the accident is major.

What are the complications? 

The risk of infection is a foremost complication. Take the help of the doctor if the wound does not respond to the pressure directly applied over that. 

  • If the fever is present. 
  • If healing is taking the time. 
  • If pus is present on the wound
  • If there is an increase in drainage. 
  • If there is a foul odor. 

Your doctor will debride the wound area and will recommend, to continue with antibiotics. 

If the bacterial infection develops, in that case, surgery may be required to remove the wounded area and infected tissues. 

If the wound is deeper there will be a need for stitches if the surrounding skin edges are closed and will close the wound. This gets heals with the scarring and a tetanus shot is an important part of this. 

If the surrounding skin edges are not properly opened then to close the wound, doctors would go for the skin grafting. Skin grafting would be required to get the faster healing. 

Complications due to the open wound :

  • Tetany: This occurs due to the bacterial infections that cause tetanus, which tells the contraction of the muscle especially of the jaw.
  • Cellulitis: Infection of the skin which is not in immediate contact with the wound.
  • Necrosis: Severe infection caused due to several bacteria that lead to loss of tissue.
  • In sum, read the above complications and be aware of the action you would be taking during your injury.
  • If you are already injured, read to check whether you are getting proper consultation. 
  • If you are injured and confused even after reading this, contact us and get a consultation from our team.


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