Wry Neck

 Wry Neck

Wry Neck also called as “Torticollis” is a painfully twisted and tilted neck.The top of the head generally tilts to one side while the chin tilts to the other side. It is the developmental defect in one of your neck muscle i.e sternocleidomastoid, usually presents in children with 2-4 years of age. In this deformity, the head and neck are turn and twisted to one side because of muscle contraction and atrophy.

Types of Torticollis!!
1. Temporary Torticollis- This type of deformity go away within 3-4 days and can be caused due to-
– any ear infection
– swollen lymph nodes
– any cold
– any injury to head and neck which causes swelling
2. Fixed Torticollis- also called as congenital torticollis and occur because of-
– Neurological condition i.e due to any paralysis
– Sternocleidomastoid muscle tumor
– any infection i.e tonsillitis
What are the presentations?
*The head is fixed in a side flexion to the same side and rotation towards the opposite side, the shoulder of the affected side is raised.
*Facial asymmetry is present on the affected side.
*In rare cases, if both sides are affected the head is protruded forward with associated kyphosis.
*The sternocleidomastoid muscle is prominent and becomes more prominent when try to passively correct the head.

How to diagnose?
Clinical presentations and diagnostic tool will be helpful to identify wry neck
EMG- Electromyography is to be done to measure the electrical activity in muscle to identify which muscle is affected
X-ray and MRI are used to find structural and bone defects.
Our objective is
– to correct the deformity
– to maintain the deformity in corrected position
Physical Therapy include
-Heat therapy
-Neck braces


-Passive movements of cervical spine i.e flexion-extension, side flexion and rotations
-Stretching of sternocleidomastoid muscle
-Maintenance of correction of deformity with the help of sand bags
-Active correction-In this take the torch and ask the patient to follow the light
If you are already performed all the above things but won’t have much relive in your conditions then consults to a nearby doctor! Or you can consult us we have free Consultations for you!

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